Organizational Culture is Crucial to Physicians Satisfaction

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On H&HN Daily’s website, Dr. Robert Stark and Dr. Dan Whitlock discuss the organizational culture gap affecting physicians and tips on how to close it. Dr. Stark and Dr. Whitlock are consulting physicians for Physician Wellness Services (PWS). Cejka Search and PWS released a survey on organizational culture.

Physicians & Organizational Culture

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In the May issue of Physician Magazine, Dr. Robert Stark discusses the results of the organizational culture survey that was conducted by Physician Wellness Services and Cejka Search. Stark, a consulting physician for Physician Wellness Services, talks about why organizational culture is an important factor to physicians overall job satisfaction. Read the full article here.

Doctors and Administrators Perceive Culture Differently

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An organizational culture study surveying physicians, and a companion study of hospital administrators, found a disconnect between doctors and administrators on issues of cultural fit and organizational performance.

Doctors, the survey by Physician Wellness Services and Cejka Search found, place a great deal of importance on cultural fit but hospital administrators underestimate the importance doctors place on it.

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