Issues impacting the oil and gas industry

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Oil & Gas Monitor expert, Kenny Hill, Victory Energy Corp.

Kenny Hill, Victory Energy Corporation Chief Executive Officer and Director discusses issues impacting the oil and gas industry in Oil & Gas Monitor.

“As executives in the oil and gas business, we work very hard to keep an eye on the fundamentals of our business when evaluating risk and opportunity. We build strategies that are catered to our available capital, our expertise and the playing field that we see in front of us. When I was originally asked to write this article I planned to focus on all of these things, however after reading several “top 10” lists from some of the biggest research houses, consulting companies, accounting firms and our government, it occurred to me that few of them addressed what I believe is one of the biggest risks and opportunities for our industry; people and the power they have in directing our future. With that in mind, here is my list of the top three important issues in our industry and how we need to take action to impact these issues.”