Duffy & Partners Rebrands Mall of America

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Duffy & Partners rebranded Mall of America (MOA), the nation’s largest retail and entertainment destination.

“The power of design is realized when a business challenge is solved. For Mall of America, we knew we had to harness the dynamism of their unique experience, the equity found in their American ingenuity and embrace all the ‘new’ that is their DNA. This dynamic identity system is a direct reflection of their invitation to the world to experience America’s leading retail and entertainment destination,” said Joe Duffy, founder and creative director at Duffy & Partners.

“Mall of America is never static,” said Maureen Bausch, Mall of America executive vice president of business development. “We are always new, constantly changing to offer the latest, hottest and most memorable experiences for our guests. Therefore, we are moving away from a static logo and incorporating a dynamic colorful design, making use of innovative digital media. The new logo reflects our 20 years of evolution, while paving the way for all of the fresh, exciting, new plans for Mall of America.”

The vibrant new “star” logo will appear on everything from billboards to business cards, gift cards to garbage cans. Read about the rebrand and see the new design at Design WeekCreative ReviewBrand New and The Minneapolis Egotist.