Nina Hale in Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

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Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal features Nina Hale, Inc. Founder and CEO, Nina Hale.

Nina Hale has big data down. The digital entrepreneur and her eponymous, Minneapolis-based marketing company have mastered the craft of using finely parsed data to connect to consumers without falling prey to the ‘creep factor,’ as Hale would call it.”

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Image: Nina Hale, Inc.

Griffin Productions Plans to Produce 12 Films in Minnesota

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Griffin Productions wants to produce up to a dozen films within five years in the state. The first film, “Thanksgiving at Denny’s,” will have a budget between $2.5 million and $4 million (depending on the cast and other factors).

“Thanksgiving at Denny’s” could bring $15 million to $24 million in economic benefits to the Minnesota economy based on estimates that show every dollar spent making a film generates six dollars in economic activity.

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