Drinks Magazine: UV Vodka and Prairie Organic Gin

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The Fall 2013 print issue of Drinks Magazine includes the newest product extensions from both Prairie Organic Spirits and UV Vodka. Prairie Organic Gin and the two latest UV Vodka flavors, UV Salty Watermelon and UV Peach, are included in the “First Round” section, focusing on the latest and greatest in the spirits market.

Spirit of the Moment: UV Salty Watermelon

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From OK! Magazine to the beauty blog Martinis and Mascara it seems like UV Salty Watermelon has been popping up everywhere. The first salted fruit flavored vodka from the award-winning UV Vodka recently appeared in OK! Magazine, Martinis and Mascara, Glam, GoodLife Report and D:The Broadcast

The Funky Flavors of Vodka

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Fortune and CNNMoney feature UV Vodka’s newest flavor, UV Salty Watermelon, in an article highlighting “Vodka’s funky flavors.”

UV Salty Watermelon is the world’s first salted fruit flavored vodka!

Salty Melonade 

  • 1 part UV Salty Watermelon
  • 3 parts limeade
  • Mix all ingredients. Serve over ice in highball glass. 


UV Vodka Launches Perfect Summer Flavors

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Factio Magazine has named UV Vodka’s newest flavors, UV Salty Watermelon and UV Peach as the perfect summer flavors!

“Use these two summer-inspired cocktails for warm days: UV Salty Melon Margarita is made with all natural, juicy watermelon with a hint of salt for that “it” taste. Add a splash of lime juice to your Salty Melon vodka and garnish it with lime wedge and sugar for that perfect pool-side margarita. The next flavor is the UV Fuzzier Navel which is made up of luscious white peaches and orange juice, don’t forget to shake and shake to blend it well!” Click to read the full article.

UV Vodka’s New Ad Campaign ‘be UV’ Encourages Fun

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The design magazine HOW explores the fun, new ‘be UV‘ ad campaign for UV Vodka. The clever new campaign geared towards the young and colorful lifestyle was created by the Minneapolis-based advertising company Periscope.

The new ad campaign will be seen on posters, billboards, UV Vodka’s new website and an interactive photo sharing tool. “Turn me time into we time,” and “Start happy hour at any o’clock” are a few of the new slogans that encourages their consumers to be themselves.

Special Cocktails for Your Special Someone

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Mixologist Rumi Jaffer, the North American Brand Ambassador of Phillips Distilling, shook up some of his romantic cocktail favorites on KARE11 Sunrise.

Phillips Distilling North American Brand Ambassador, Rumi Jaffer on KARE 11 set with Kim Insley and Tim McNiff

Phillips Distilling North American Brand Ambassador, Rumi Jaffer on KARE 11 set with Kim Insley and Tim McNiff

Backstage at KARE 11 studios

Our Super Bowl Win

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This year, UV Vodka’s Super Bowl cocktails received a spirited crowd response!

One of the benefits of our smart and nimble team of publicists is that we’re able to immediately and successfully position our clients where it matters.

As soon as the Super Bowl teams were announced, we huddled to create cocktails inspired by each team. UV Vodka was used for its great flavors, colors, price point and wide availability. After exhausting a multitude of ideas for the Baltimore Ravens, we threw a Hail Mary with Raven on the Rocks.

Northeastern Ohio’s largest daily newspaper, The Plain Dealer, gave UV Vodka a touchdown in their Super Bowl XLVII story: “Cheers! The folks at UV Vodka were among the first to name drinks for this game. Choose from a Raven on the Rocks (one part UV grape, one part lemon-lime soda, add a splash of sweet and sour mix) or the Bay Bomb (one part UV cherry, three parts cola.) Serve either over ice in a highball glass.”

Additionally, OK! Magazine, Glam.com, Detroit News, Single Minded Women, TasteTV, Lake Michigan Shore, numerous blogs and social media outlets included our game day cocktails. It’s a huge win to be the first to tell a client’s story, especially with the fierce competition of countless liquor brands with powerful marketing budgets.

Score for the Roepke team!

Brothers Blitz
1 part UV Citrus
2 parts tonic
Serve over ice in a lowball glass.

Raven on the Rocks
1 part UV Grape
1 part lemon-lime soda
Add a splash of sweet and sour mix and serve over ice in a highball glass.

The Bay Bomb
1 part UV Cherry
3 parts cola
Serve over ice in a highball glass.

Phillips Distilling Company Announces International Expansion of UV Vodka

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Today, via Business Wire:

Phillips Distilling Company (Phillips) today announces UV Vodka’s international launch in Spain, with continued expansion into European and Asian markets. Strong sales in North America and the wildly successful launch of UV Cake have the company poised for success in high growth markets around the world.